Dear Reader, 

“Dear Reader,”

Only two words. Created out of an English Alphabet that has twenty six letters, and some billion available combinations recognizable to English speakers. A title of affection, and an adverb describing whoever is translating those letters and words. Yet, you, Dear Reader, easily comprehend and process this. You easily recognize that these two words are directed at you, and were created by intelligent design. The letters did not self organize, falling out of nowhere to address you. They did not randomly appear on this site by chance, nor did they evolve out of the Alphabet or take an anthropological leap out of the dictionary.

They were created, which is a literal and logical statement of fact.

Your DNA, 46 paired chromosomes, each chromosome a code written in amino acid base pairs, is the same. Such complexity could only exist if created and ordered by an intelligent designer. Each snippet of code is written for different functions, organs, and gene expressions. Any changes in the code, the whole organism may not work, or completely different genes may be expressed. To believe such complexity happened by Chance, even Evolutionary chance, does not hold with reason. The probability for such diversity and perfection in DNA code to arise by itself, is beyond zero. It would be the same to expect an explosion in an iron mine to produce a working Boeing 747. Simply put, the universe itself would have to be three times as old as our best measurements estimate it now, for chance to evolve basic lichen… and ten million times as old to evolve basic land mammals… quite plainly, if evolution without intelligent design were the reality, we would not exist to question it here and now. The very fact we have the mental ability TO doubt it, actually confirms the existence of God, Source, Intelligent Design.

So, we establish awareness of an intelligent Designer, a Source of all energy, God, the Divine, the All…

Dear Reader,

Though no sound waves were produced just now, you both “heard” those words, and “spoke” them where you could comprehend them, in a “vacuum” (where sound waves cannot travel) known as your mind. While your vocal chords and jaw would give out after a full day of speaking, your inner voice is with you narrating every moment of your experience, tirelessly. This inner voice is in constant flux, moving from one thought or image to the next, every second of your existence. It is going so consistently that many people have trouble shutting it off at night.

This is because Thoughts, a power of intelligent Design, create our reality. Just as a computer must have programs running in order to stay functional, so too our existence must have thought-programs to stay functioning. Consider that when you lose consciousness, you have no control over your body or experience anymore.

Your ‘programs’ stopped running, and your system ‘rebooted’.

Your existence and Consciousness depends upon your thoughts, and the Quality of your Thoughts determines your Existence, literally. Our Science has even proven this  again and again in Quantum Physics – we, as Observers, affect our reality, and we as Creators, create our Experience. If our thoughts continually run ‘programs’ of images of things we do not want, (worries and fears) and our Emotions (Energy in motion) fuel that choice of experience, we will create it within our reality. If our Thought programs run visuals of things we DO want, (hopes and dreams, with Emotions fueling the possibilities) without visuals of what we don’t want running counter to them and overriding them, we will Create a more preferable Experience. This is the basis of our reality, proven by Science and by many of my own personal experiences. This Knowledge is what my writing here will be focused on, sharing how I have learned to train and control the mind my Intelligent Creator gifted to me, and in so doing Awaken more Intelligent CoCreators here on this Dimensional level, and together Create a World more preferable for all of us.

First, Dear Reader, im sure you’re questioning how this can be so, and perhaps you doubt your power to create your world, since like me, you’ve experienced many instances of seeming helplessness, feeling attacked by life events, or are offended at the idea that you create reality because you’ve experienced hardship and suffering and know you would never bring such an experience upon yourself willingly. I resisted the idea at first as well, since I’ve had a myriad of tragedies, from poverty, to widowhood, to chronic physical ailments and abusive or neglectful relationships. It took me quite a while to accept my role as the creator of these experiences, but after deep and lengthy analysis (and a lengthy, unhealthy and unproductive  bout with denial,) I now Know those experiences were the result of my thoughts, awareness and beliefs. If you are angered by this idea and wish to close this site for now, I understand, but hope curiosity brings you back when your indignation cools. Once this knowledge is Known, it cannot be ignored- only learned about and used to better your future manifested reality. You ARE the Creator of all your experiences, and until you accept responsibility for your past, you will struggle with Creating a different future. You have to realize that by accepting your past, you realize your power to change your future. If you come from a place of victimhood, where life has been done To you, you cannot step into the role of Creating a better life, as only those who know  they ARE creators, can create.

Do not doubt your power. Your mind is so advanced that it transcends space and time daily merely by translating written words. I wrote this on a lonely mountaintop just north of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, in October 2017. You are most certainly not ‘here’, nor ‘now’. Yet you have within you the power to slip into MY thoughts and musings, and bring them into YOUR awareness in YOUR ‘there’ and ‘then’, which is my future. Have you ever considered how strong a power this is? Before this ability, our ancestors were little more than a pack of nomadic, smart monkeys, yet now we terraform Earth and have conquered surviving every corner and niche available, even the vacuum of space. We are so much more than we give ourselves credit for, the only beings on Earth capable of changing the whole planet. We are not just intelligently Designed – we are quite obviously part of the Intelligent DesignER, to have been given such abilities to mold our planet. How we choose to use these powers will create our great grandchildrens’ very World. I do not write this as a platitude, but as a literal reminder to each Dear Reader…

And there it is, that voice again…

Consider, if you are a part of The Intelligent Designer, and language is one of the greatest powers designed, perhaps at Some Point, that “voice that makes no sound waves, and hears without eardrums”… perhaps that voice, when the human ego is made still and quiet, could be coming FROM The Intelligent Designer, for the Purpose of ‘Perfecting’ the experience of the Design.

If Designer Created All, there can be no wrong or right, no Good or Bad, only experience. Through the experiences, however, adjustments are made as to “this experience is preferable to this one,”  to create order in the Universe, to keep Creating new and more preferable forms. Destruction is rarely preferable, only as a means to have more material or space for more preferable Creations, for Creating anew. This is the Way of Creation, evident in every cell of Nature.

Dear Reader,

Being a part of the Intelligent Designer, and being the most intelligent form of the Designer that exists in this Creation right now,

Realize- You Are a fractal of the Creator, entered into physical form on this dimensional level, for the purpose of experiencing its own Creation in order to discover which experiences are preferable, and to face challenges so you may grow as a Soul.  What is the point of life? To Really Live, and choose your own path, and walk in this physical plane  as a separate part of GodSource so that One may experience being Many and apart.

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure book. What stories are you writing?

Homework: choose a sign or symbol, one you don’t readily see everyday, and ask the Universe to show it to you three times within the next three days. Concentrate on the image you choose for at least 17 seconds, sitting in the feeling of wonder and amazement you will have when the Universe shows you how closely it’s paying attention to your thoughts. Don’t doubt your power to manifest – and don’t fret over the details of How the universe will bring this sign to you. The All works in perfect synchronicities every day. Especially concentrate on the sign before bed or at the end of a meditation. I promise you, this sign is just the beginning of your Magic works. Watch your world bring you what you wish to see.

Meditate. Instructions on how to still the mind and listen to your inner Creator can be found everywhere on the internet. (a marvel of human intelligent Design, I must say- a comprehensive collective mind stored outside a perishable biological body- like Intelligent Designer Itself!) For beginners, focus on simply stilling the mind chatter.

Listen to your deepest Voice, that one speaking without Fear, and you will Know this as Truth. There are many Universal Truths. I as a writer will try to share all the truths I have known. I welcome feedback and questions, topics for discussion, and most especially, book recommendations!

Namaste : my Soul honors the place Within you where Your Soul resides, or,
Blessings and Honor to the Creator within You.

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