A philosophy of pets

Today I’d like to get back to a topic I know lots of you followed my FB page for, one I have literally a whole lifetime of experience with- our pets.

Beautiful friends and helpmeets, our pets are a pure experience upon the Earth. I’ve had pets as long as I’ve made memories. Many dear soul friends have cycled into my life. I could go on for years about how wonderful my life has been because of them. In fact as I write my Wally dog lounges in my lap, my support through the process of baring my thoughts and soul to you through this message.

There are two aspects I’ve been pondering about them. The first is, on a literal level they are enslaved to us, and that says much about the state of our society today.

During their youth, we take them away from their family and demand they adjust to ours. We train them to do as we wish and punish them or exile them if they disobey. If found outside alone, we deliver them to a facility that imprisons them until another slave owner adopts them. All their life, they will never really choose what to do and where to go, unless they run away and forever hide from people. Even then, their choices to sustain themselves are limited in our concrete world.

Animals are enslaved to us, and I feel like our pets create an equal enslavement of us to them. They can’t roam at will and can’t possibly provide for them self in our altered world safely. So in a way they create this in us- they hold our emotional needs in a way that isn’t provided anywhere else, (and that we aren’t providing from within ourselves) and we can’t roam at will once we have pets either for we must go home to feed them and let them out, or have someone else enslaved to that task.

I’m not offended at the thought of our mutual codependency- long have I said, I’m Wally’s butler because I let him in and out like a doorman, bring him foods and stroke his ego all day.

(Side note- He’s only five pounds so it’s 90% ego – fun fact, a dogs ego is four pounds, which is why big dogs are the most pandering of the bunch at only 2% ego 😉

I rather like serving Wally, he’s quite opinionated on any topic I discuss with him, yet tends to agree with me 😉 in fact I can only recall one debate I lose with him on a regular basis:

Me:”No, they do not need to pet you today and tell you how cute you are.”

Wally: “SNORT SNEEZE” *trots over to the other people*

Me:*long sigh as I follow* “why can’t we agree to disagree and you just stay here beside me?”

Beyond this drive to bless everyone with a dose of himself, he is a perfect companion. )

Wally makes me laugh all the time and sniffles, snorts and sneezes when I discuss him or talk to him, overall very entertaining. He plays in short bouts, and loves strong pets all over. His favorite scratch spot is his elbows, because he’s odd like that. He absolutely hates baths and hides when I turn water on, and he refuses to give me kisses even when I beg, and dodges my attempts to kiss his face. I used to think it was a dominance thing, but now I have realized the little lovely bugger knows that stolen kisses are worth more because I’ve worked at it. He has seen that pandering dogs have my friendship but not my adoration. He settles for nothing less than my utter devotion.

When you look at it, our pets are extensions of ourselves. How could they not be, in a world of Creation with each of us as the Creator? So it’s no surprise we resemble them, and of course the more we are in each other’s company the more we will be like each other.

It’s a safe bet that after these years of adventure together, he and I share some similarities….

The other aspect I’ve been pondering is, if everything is a creation, what do pets represent? We have to tend to them everyday so they survive, and train them so they don’t wreck our shared spaces or our other relationships by being overwhelming, we are enslaved to them and have to take responsibility if they act out ….

So I developed a theory that our pets are physical manifestations of Emotions that we can’t handle holding inside us any more.

I believe pets are manifestations of Emotions that need daily special care and to be shown how to get along with all the other aspects of our life, and even kept apart from some aspects of our life, like our work environment or extended family functions.

I asked myself, what emotion would Wally represent then? What do I think of or feel about him? What do I feel when he is magnetized near? How did I feel before he came into my life?

To me, Wally is ideal. Portable, well trained and polite. When I got him as a puppy he looked like a bobble head doll, and he got his name because to me he looked like a cartoon come to life, a real live toy, a Walt Disney drawing- a Wally dog.

So, I evaluated my feelings about idealism- I’ve always been an idealist, yet since adulthood I’ve felt resentment over everything not being ideal. It’s quite easy to say I couldn’t hold my idealism in. My past two dogs (15 years of dog) have been really ideal for me, so it’s my belief that my idealism that I couldn’t handle inside me anymore, manifested outside of me so it could be taken care of and appreciated by me.

If this theory proves out to others, that means every pet owner is an owner of a physical manifestation of an emotion they themselves deeply feel and can not express. Taking care of the emotion in our outer world is a way to calm the emotional need in our inner world.

By this theory, when a pet leaves us, it can mean we are ready to hold that emotion and care for it within. It doesn’t mean we have to, as often we miss their bright addition to our lives as souls in and of themself. It Does mean we can make a choice to have a pet, or choose to live without one and embrace the aspects of life that not being tied to pets (or so Many pets) allows.

This theory also explains the old saying, “Don’t have kittens,” or, “Don’t have a cow” which means Calm down and stop having dramatics.

I’ve loved all the experiences I’ve had tending to my many pets, often more than the experiences I’ve had around other people. I’ve always been able to intuit animals feelings, and have had great success communicating with them throughout my life. I appreciate the experiences greatly, and I know I will always have pets and share my home with these Feelings Made Real. The feeling every pet has made real within me, has been Love- which is the Godforce itself in action.

I have noticed that people who do not have any pets are either extremely emotionally healthy or more likely have disconnected from emotions entirely. Those that have an excessive amount of animals, are usually excessively emotional. This is no judgement of character by any means, although now I am with just Wally, at one point we owned 23 beasts, sooo..)

My theory needs experiments and results to solidify more. So I’d love feedback from pet owners who are curious about what their animals represent, especially pet owners who are very in tune with how they feel and can label each subtle feeling from another.

To test this theory, ask these questions:

What emotion do you have about your favorite pets? What emotion were you experiencing strongly and having to suppress, or what emotion was getting unmanageable within you when you first manifested them into your life?

What emotions do you experience just before they begin paying close attention to you or wander up on their own?

If there was an emotional state that each pet represents for you, what would it be?

It can take a while to evaluate. Since we manifest in real time, become aware of what topics you discuss with others and how you feel when your pet comes right up to you. It’s especially useful to note what you’re feeling and thinking when a pet comes up from elsewhere and ‘demands’ food, because that would relate to the feeling being strong within your energy, and needing external support because You’re feeling that emotion being suppressed or unsupported within You, thereby manifesting that emotion needing to be fed. I’ve noticed cats are easier to pinpoint than dogs because they aren’t pack imprinted, making it clearer to notice Your emotional state when they do feel pulled to you. Dogs tend to hang around their person’s energy field regardless, which says to me the emotions they represent are probably felt more often.

Please comment below if this resonates with you, and if you test this theory and have results to share, or if you have any questions about anything in the universe, please write to


As always, I’m patiently awaiting your consult.


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