Let’s Create Something New

What to focus on now

Yes, the world is in a state of concern for many reasons right now. Talking about what IS from a fear based standpoint, only Creates more things to have fear from. Our power is in the Now moment.

Hopefully, these events have given many a clue that they are Creators; so many people have said to me over the past holidays, I wish I didn’t have to work at this job I hate, I wish my family wouldn’t judge me for quitting to spend my time pursuing my personal goals, I wish I had more free time to go for walks, be present with my kids, catch up on my reading, learn a new hobby, or just rest for a while.

These wishes were made with a fear or frustration based emotion, so what do we have? All of those wishes fulfilled, granted with fear and frustration inherent.

So what now? With no one going out and doing things, it’s the Perfect time to turn inward, to dive deep into who you are, how you’ve been thinking and feeling, and what you really want from life. Realize that at home, you are safe and secluded from the grind of society’s judgement as well as their contagious emotions, provided you carve out time away from the media that desperately wants to keep you tuned in to fear and their anxious narrative, so you stay addicted to those emotions they can easily provide.

There is NO person in our modern society that is free from negative subconscious programming and conditioning. Sensationalist media and past world wars have seen to that. If you think you weren’t affected, I promise your parents were, and they passed down stress and unhealthy coping and relating mechanisms. PTSD is present in everyone. What does that mean? Events from our past have left disordered thought programs that must be consciously altered if we want to regain control over our emotions, actions and energy states. The only way to change what you Create, is to become Aware of the programmed thoughts and emotions that Created the present reality.

To become Aware, requires solitude. It requires consideration. It requires asking, Why do I feel this way? Why do I react with those feeling-states when others do those things? Where does this conditioning come from, that if they do This, I should feel This? Who in my past taught me that this is how to react and feel? How can I reframe my perception of their actions so I won’t automatically enter those feeling states? Where else have I been conditioned to respond in unhelpful ways? Who do I want to be? How do I want to respond? What will I have to stop thinking about to be able to order my thoughts in helpful ways? What will I have to Start thinking and feeling Now, to have the outcome I desire?

This isn’t meant to invalidate your feelings or justify another’s behavior. It’s also not meant to allow you to violate your boundaries, but rather to set them securely without giving negative emotion or energy While you define those healthy boundaries.

It’s to reclaim control over your emotions, reactions and energy state so you can be a more Conscious Creator. This is the blessing of meditation, that it allows you to watch your thoughts and question why they appear, to observe them from a neutral state instead of an emotionally charged one, and to learn to gain control over the rapid fire of an anxious or fearful emotion-state while disallowing it your full energy.

Awaken to your power, both in your own mind and in the outer world we Co-create.

Where could this world go?

Well, imagine. What if we all begin saying, and more importantly, FEELING the relief, wonder and appreciation of the thoughts,

“Hmmm… I have all this free time, I can spend it how I wish instead of dragging myself away from my home and family every day, and in a couple of weeks I’m getting a stimulus check so we still will have food, I’m suddenly eligible for assistance programs and nobody’s going to judge me for it since we are all out of work, all my debtors now have instituted programs to assist or defer or forgive my bills, and I can actually clean my house up thoroughly and maybe even redecorate or repair all those small things I’ve put off. My kids aren’t stressed about school social structure or homework, we will probably be doing remote learning so all the costs of school are dropping, as well as the morning rush and arguments aren’t going to be a thing anymore. We are all pushed to get out into nature, because the house has become boring since we’ve all had plenty of time to rest and decompress… Nature herself is recovering at a rapid rate because of decreased emissions, everything is blooming and growing because of spring, all my neighbors are manicuring their lawns and taking pride in the doing so our neighborhood looks fantastic and probably will all spring. I finally have time to plant a big food garden so our food costs will be even further reduced, not to mention our diet will be healthier, and without work stress, losing a few unhealthy pounds should be easy…. Everyone everywhere has finally learned to wash their hands and be aware of what they touch and how close they get to others. The vitamin Aisle has been depleted, so it seems everyone’s become aware of the value of taking supplements for health instead of drugs for disease….”

“And look at all these people in society Helping and showing compassion!! Big businesses stepping up to produce what’s needed, delivery services becoming very widespread, individuals showing support for and solidarity with hospital workers and other essential workers, so they both finally feel significant and appreciated while the givers feel compassionate and contributory. We have all realized how much we rely on Grocery store workers, truck drivers and farmers so gratitude is at an all time high on everyone’s minds, everyone everywhere is pitching in and giving now more than ever because we are free to be generous with our time, energy and ideas… This looks and feels like a major shift in how we all “do” society…. Towards a much more relaxed, appreciative and generous community….”

To do this, we have to be able to stop our fear and frustration in its tracks, and relax into faith that no matter what happens, we can handle it, and That the universe (God/Source) has our back.

We would have to let go of our worry, anxiety and self judgement on a grand scale. Those negative emotion-states Created this. Being a victim of societal conditioning and childhood trauma programs has kept us in these states, and it is up to each individual to learn how to reprogram and recondition our selves, to ‘order’ our thoughts so we cure any mental Disorders we developed from our past. They are labeled “DIS-orders” for a reason – re-ordering the mental state is the true cure. It requires self reflection and deep awareness to learn to control and reorder your thoughts and emotions.

We have to be able to summon the emotions of hope, pride, faith, curiosity, openness, togetherness, joy, appreciation, gratitude, compassion and Love, and allow ourselves to deeply sink into those thoughts and feelings, and use our powerful imagination to sustain those energetic emotion states as long as possible.

It’s so amazing to reach this place, this ordered state, this level of faith and understanding within yourself. It will require self work. It will require facing all your personal demons and faults, and forgiving yourself and others. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. And we are all in this together. The work never ends, but it does get easier.

For more insight on how to re-order your thoughts, research NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Many therapists, counselors and life coaches are trained in these methodologies as well.

To begin to understand your programming, watch or read the work of Teal Swan, especially her videos on fragmentation, motivation, the loneliness epidemic and connection.

To deeply comprehend the value of meditative states, research the books and videos from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

For all those who meditate, there is a world meditation happening on April 4 at 9:45 pm Central for thirty minutes aimed at the resolution of COVID -19 and its many effects. The more Conscious Creators contribute, the more Conscious our Creation will be.

Namaste, dear ones. Choose Love. ❤️

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  1. wow… so much good content here that I wholly agree with!! I’d also like to direct interested readers to the work of Byron Katie; literally called “The Work”, she guides you through a highly-effective exercise to confront thyself. The format is free on her website. Namasté

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