Story time

There is a LOT of fear-based story going around right now. It’s all anyone seems to be focused on, which is highly frustrating to any Conscious Creators trying to Create a better reality. Never before have I had to completely give up on social media and step back from it to see it from a “this is completely nuts” perspective.

If you consider yourself a Conscious Creator, I ask you: what story are you telling people around you? It is one thing to raise Awareness of things like 5G, the Cabal and Deep State, etc. fear based narratives, and quite another thing entirely to fuel those narratives by feeding your energy AND other’s energy into it.

We have to look at Awareness- bringing like this: anything we share with the greater public has to be from an “adult” who understands Conscious Creation to a “child” who is unaware. You would not (I hope) feed a child’s fear that everyone is going to get sick and die, or everyone is going to be remotely mind controlled and turn into zombies, would you? That child would become inconsolable and exist in a state of panic and terror because they have no conscious control of their thoughts, or the awareness to be able to control their emotions.

You would explain it to child as, “We are being cautious so more people stay healthy, and if we take these actions everyone will get better soon and we can all do the things we like again.” Or, “We need to do some studying and research on how this technology works so we can all feel safe because it’s such a huge leap forward for us, and decide and vote together if it’s something we want in our family (society).”

You would give the child rational, calming words and supply them with a “happy” or at least “neutral” ending, so they could understand what and why we are doing these things, without causing them to live through it in a panicked or upset state.

We need to do the same for ourselves in these times, too. Realize that your reality is literally Created by the thoughts and emotions that arise from the STORY you are telling yourself and giving credence to.

YOU ARE THE AUTHOR. What Story are you writing?? Is this the beginning of Dystopia, or is this the final push to wake the rest of the population up to the dystopia we already were in? I promise you that anyone in a quarantined country is realizing we don’t need school buildings, we don’t need office space, we don’t require traffic jams and we can exist quite peacefully outside of any “rat race”. The pressure of these restrictions is making everyone everywhere question how much “overseeing” we actually require. The Story we ALL agree on is the story we will Manifest.

“But, I’m powerless to stop these global things no matter how much I ignore it or try to Pollyanna it, what am I supposed to do?? I can’t just let awareness of bad things lapse, people need to be told these things or I’ll be stuck with the sheep! Am I supposed to just leave others to their reality and fob off to do massive meditations or what?”

To that I say, alright, yes, from a Global perspective you are a background character without the sort of power to direct the story if the global story is being ‘created’ by people who ARE in power. EXCEPT- What Story are you writing that is happening in your narrative? A year from now will you tell the story, “and then the evil government did evil things and we all revolted and died and turned into zombies” etc, or is YOUR imagined future “And then When the evil government tried to take over the world, the good guys in power thwarted them, freed the people from centuries of enslavement, instituted new policies and massive economic and environmental changes to unify the world.” (And that’s only a narrative you could choose if you can’t decide to believe in a future where such a thing was never even tried- you could decide to believe and Create, “People became connected and aware and a massive shift took place globally and the government stepped down from power because we became self-regulating”)

And, yeah, just going off to do your own meditation instead of whipping others into a froth about negative low vibration possible realities would be the better choice. Can you imagine and Create a third option though? You are the author, the author-ity in your personal reality, and all stories follow a basic structure.

See, You’re writing the story of the reality you are choosing. In that story, you can write in a Hero or solution that is NOT you, or you can write a villain in for you to fight against. You will choose which reality you end up in through what ‘plot twist’ you give your attention and emotional energy to. You will choose if you are powerless and a victim or if you are part of a social movement for change as others also realize their power, and ‘write’ the same story as you. When it comes to sharing information with others, are you spreading fear and panic and powerlessness, or solutions on how to take the information and shift it to what we do want? Are you stoking the fear or the hope? We have more than enough people fueling the fear.

I’m reminded of a line from Thumper in the movie Bambi, “if you can’t say something nice, Don’t say Nothin’ at all”. It is better to share positivity in these dark times. And it is far better to simply shut up, than fear monger and speculate into a fatalistic narrative.

You are scaring the children of God. They are many and we Creators are still few. WE, as Creators, can shift this if we remember all that we have learned and hold to the Light of our conscious awareness. It is crunch time. Are you Creating what you want, or what you don’t want? Are you convincing yourself AND OTHERS of a reality you don’t want, or do you supply the solution and comfort needed if you share a fear-provoking perspective under the guise of making them aware?? Where attention goes, energy flows. This is the message sent to me by my higher and all those millions of little signs the universe puts in my path – Forgive them for they know not what they do .. but YOU do. If you lead others into a fear based reality WITH you as you fall from higher consciousness, will you forgive yourself?

YOU ARE A CREATOR. How are you influencing others to Collaboratively Create? What are you allowing to influence YOU?

What is the NEXT part of the story for you?

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  1. Bravo! This is a well-timed piece and spot on!! I’m going to be sharing it because, like she says, most don’t really ever stop to think – with a lack of self-awareness or introspection, sometimes a post like this is just the thing to shine a light outside of their normal automatic reactions and responses. Taking a moment to ponder how our words & actions not only effect us and others around us, but also how they shape our reality and our future!!

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