Dear Reader,

I am a human, flawed and perfect. I have loved deeply and lost horrifically. I have won and lost a million battles within. I have been at the depths of despair and experienced joy that can not be elocuted. I have given birth, held my first husband at the moment of death, and seen through the veil of the reality we live in. I was raised in the Christian faith, which could not give me all the answers my constantly curious mind thirsted for. 

I lived and experienced loss, and became less enamored of a God who worked in mysterious ways, and set out to discover the science and mechanics of the cosmos. It was a spiral pathway.  

Then, I raised children, loved them plenty and taught them lots about life and love and the cosmos, too. 

I had kept my children from what pain and loss I could; but ultimately, as humans we learn best when faced with adversity. Often, in fact, I saw that my children learned best when the lessons were hard won.  

When I questioned why hardship had to fall, I realized that God (or Source, or that infinite wisdom just the other side of this matter dimension,) working in mysterious ways and handing out hard lessons, has just been allowing another form of (tough) Love, after all. 

As my children got older, I found time to meditate and reconnect with that Love-that-is-All, and learned to trust the answers I heard within.  

I now Know that we are each here, incarnate on Earth, as expressions Of that Love, Of Source, not just made By God but Of God, part of One consciousness, split into infinite expressions. I Know we are each here in this matterverse to experience the trials of life, aka “How To Love” and grow as Souls, in a college where the classes are tough, unrelenting and in real time. I know that we each choose our path and ‘classes’ before we incarnate, (and that we are all pretty optimistic when we sign up ­čśë all perfectly choreographed to be catalysts for helping each other and ourselves grow. 

Here, dear reader, is where I will share Notes from my classes, the hard lessons and profound revelations I’ve learned, so that anyone who finds themself in the same classes or learning the same lessons can take heart from my experience. 

I hope to make it lighthearted as well as philosophical, and I hope my perspective at least makes you Think…

With Love and Light, 

                                                                         Vanya Dawn

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