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In order to revolutionize humanity, we must all become balanced and in control of our emotions, even when another’s behavior causes us pain, so we can treat them with love, patience and kindness instead of being automatically driven by Warmongering emotions such as resistance and denial.
To react in anger is to invite regret. To respond consciously with love is the trait of a true adult who has moved past their emotional conditioning and societal programming and can see the bigger picture – until we can learn to love and accept others we have no chance of a positive future. Until we learn to love ourselves, we cannot show others love or real respect.

The universe is a mirror. It shows us what we need for our Soul to Perfect. It gives us challenges that spur inner growth and the consideration of Ever Higher perspectives as we mature. Rejecting Those around us is to reject a part of the All That Is, and so is to reject the part of ourselves we see in them.

Consider this carefully. Within your relationships, what you see and hate in others is what YOU need to accept about yourself. A selfless person will be run roughshod by selfish people. A person with repressed anger will pair up with an angry person, and have many things done to them until they finally get mad and stand up for themself, thus accepting that anger is a worthy part of their character too.  The mirror in the world around you where you see reflections of negative traits, is showing you where you need to heal.

So many people point at others and demand they change, when the universe can only reflect each individual’s mirror. This means, when inner work is done and true emotional healing occurs, the outer world automatically shifts to show a different and less dramatic reflection, as we attract what we put out. When we begin to come from a place of stronger self esteem and less wounding, our energetic signature raises in frequency and our reality reflects that. If we take time to step away from our mirrors, go within and find what needs to be healed, we can begin to learn to love others deeper and easier. Consider meditation! You will not regret coming to know your true and deepest self.

If we want a better future, it is self evident we have to be more loving, even when others are childish and demanding. That is the mark of a mature adult “parent” figure – one who comes from a place of centered calmness and understanding when the children are overwhelmed with emotion and have tantrums. To meet others with like aggression and anger serves no purpose because no one is presenting level headed solutions, just exacerbating the existing problem of discord. We must come from a place of sovereign serenity. To do that we must be ABLE AND WILLING TO ACCEPT OTHERS, AS THEY ARE. To do that we must accept ourselves AS WE ARE. To do that we must learn to love ourselves. To do this we must heal our emotional wounds and accept ourself. ONLY through this path will we have peace and security.

It is my intention to empower others by describing my own path to learning self love and respect, sharing how I overcame my own childhood conditioning and negative thought patterns, and by providing tools for emotional processing, healing and connecting.

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 Dear Reader,

I am a human, flawed and perfect. I have loved deeply and lost horrifically. I have won and lost a million battles within. I have been at the depths of despair and experienced joy that can not be elocuted. I have given birth, held my first husband at the moment of death, and seen through the veil of the reality we live in. I was raised in the Christian faith, which could not give me all the answers my constantly curious mind thirsted for. 

I lived and experienced loss, and became less enamored of a God who worked in mysterious ways, and set out to discover the science and mechanics of the cosmos. It was a spiral pathway.  

Then, I raised children, loved them plenty and taught them lots about life and love and the cosmos, too. 

I had kept my children from what pain and loss I could; but ultimately, as humans we learn best when faced with adversity. Often, in fact, I saw that my children learned best when the lessons were hard won.  

When I questioned why hardship had to fall, I realized that God (or Source, or that infinite wisdom just the other side of this matter dimension,) working in mysterious ways and handing out hard lessons, has just been allowing another form of (tough) Love, after all. 

As my children got older, I found time to meditate and reconnect with that Love-that-is-All, and learned to trust the answers I heard within.  

I now Know that we are each here, incarnate on Earth, as expressions Of that Love, Of Source, not just made By God but Of God, part of One consciousness, split into infinite expressions. I Know we are each here in this matterverse to experience the trials of life, aka “How To Love” and grow as Souls, in a college where the classes are tough, unrelenting and in real time. I know that we each choose our path and ‘classes’ before we incarnate, (and that we are all pretty optimistic when we sign up 😉 all perfectly choreographed to be catalysts for helping each other and ourselves grow. 

Here, dear reader, is where I will share Notes from my classes, the hard lessons and profound revelations I’ve learned, so that anyone who finds themself in the same classes or learning the same lessons can take heart from my experience. 

I hope to make it lighthearted as well as philosophical, and I hope my perspective at least makes you Think…

With Love and Light, 

                                                                         Vanya Dawn

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