Spirit in song

God Within sometimes speaks in melody, you know. Sometimes even boppy beats…

Music moves us to ecstatic expression, and it’s no mystery why- we are vibrational beings, and music is a vibrational medium. Literally, music moves our eardrums and the atoms therein, and the vibrations ripple into the rest of us, affecting our emotions with it. Every particle within us is sensing the tune and vibrating with the harmony of the songs we listen to. It’s important to choose music that has a positive and encouraging message more often than not.

May you have auspiciousness and causes of success, may you have the confidence to always do your best, may you take no effort in your being generous, sharing what you can, nothing more, nothing less, may you know the meaning of the word happiness, may you always lead from the beating in your chest, may you be treated like an esteemed guest, may you get to rest, may you catch your breath- and may the best of your today’s be the worst of your tomorrows, and may the road less paved be the road that you follow – well here’s to he hearts that you’re gonna break, here’s to the lives that you’re gonna change, here’s to the infinite possible ways to love you, I want you to have it! Here’s to the good times we’re gonna have, you don’t need money, you got a free pass, here’s to the fact that I’d be sad without you, I want you to have it all. ” – Jason Mraz

Music defines time periods of our lives as well, since we easily tie memories to who we were with and what our life was like when we were hearing a song often. We hear artist’s lyrics, and the words resonate with us, so we buy into that artist. These lyrics are literal magic spells, allowing us to bob our head or sing along and express those feelings deep within us aching to be validated and heard. How many times has a song moved you to cheer up, rage out, croon your love or cry?

All I do is win, win, win, no matter what, got money on my mind I can’t never get enough, and every time I step up in the building everybody hands go up! And they stay there..” – DJ Khaled

Song and dance is the greatest magic ever conceived, and some of the most powerful sorcery in mass existence. Ever heard of a tribal rain dance? Consider how our evolutionary theory states that nothing that has no value or that grants no advantage would be passed along through generations, especially a behavior. Yet tribal song and dance to bring rain or blessings stretches through all time – so by that standard, there must be actual magic power (manifestation) within it to shape the world and divine the future. Indeed, song and chants are integral parts of every religion worldwide – as those close to the divine know its inherent power.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see.

In a world where it is all YOUR Creation, the music we hear and that becomes popular either for the collective or individually is an echo of our inner. As the inner shifts, so do our music preferences. I’m sure many of you can relate to experiences like mine where I’ve had music show up out of the blue whose lyrics perfectly matched what I was going through in my life. Often, I’d discover a new artist whose whole album became an anthem for my life during transition times. Radio stations overplay certain artists or hits because of the mass requests for one song being echoed across many hearts. The phenomenon is happening still today, visit iTunes Radio or Spotify and see for yourself- the popular songs are an expression of how our collective feels.

I can’t give you everything, you know I wish I could, I’m so high at the moment, I’m so caught up in this, yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke, but we still got love to give.” – Khalid

Why don’t you just meet me in the middle, I’m losing my mind just a little, so why don’t you just meet me in the middle?” – Zedd

We used to live on Instagram, worryin’ bout who all gives a damn, bout where we’ve been and where we ended up. Then I met you and you met me and all the rest is history, an epiphany that all we need is us … it’s like one two three just as easy as can be, just the way you look at me you make me smile, ain’t no need to complicate it, we both know that’s overrated, we’ve been there it’s safe to say it ain’t our style…” Simple – Florida Georgia Line

I theorize that Spirit is speaking to each of us through music, especially radio. You’ll have to verify for yourself, dear reader.

Don’t stop believing! Hold on to that feeling!” – Journey ( a refrain that Spirit tells everyone at some point!)

Even having your music library on shuffle, with careful attention, can become a medium for spirit to build you a narrative, send a message, or offer encouragement. Quite like Bumblebee of Transformers fame, Spirit lives in playlists of all devices, and will begin sending you words and feelings you need t express aloud and validate in your emotional body. It is most apparent if given any sort of randomized control, to the willing listener who accepts that Spirit is really there reaching into our realm to send us love and hope and encouragement.

“…We’re on Assignment, bodies on consignment, return ’em to the circus, and what is the purpose, what is the purpose? And would you believe it, would you believe it if you knew what you were for and how you became so informed, bodies of info, performing such miracles, I am a miracle, made up of particles, and in this existence, I’ll stay persistent, and I’ll make a difference, and I will have lived it…. ” – Aloha Ke Akua, by Nahko.

Once I came to realize this beautiful meaning behind the synchronicity, I fell in love with music all over again. I felt comforted, encouraged, supported and understood by God, and what a difference it has made. I went from being saddened by love songs to being romanticized by them, seeing them as being dedicated TO me from my higher aspect, as a reminder of how loved I am. As I sang along, often while glancing into my car visor while driving, I realized I was bespelling myself at the direction of God within, a sorcerous form of tricking me into genuinely loving myself – and then I realized, I was singing love songs TO God, as well, a way to reciprocate the great love Spirit allowed to flow through me in song.

There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark, you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are, and you don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart, no scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful…” – Alessia Cara

How would your favorite songs take on new meaning if you were hearing them from your Higher perspective?

I have died everyday, waiting for you, Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more… And all along I believed I would find you, Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more...” – Christina Perri

I was reminded of this powerful magic that music has, yesterday when I stumbled upon a new artist who, yes, has an album written especially about my life right now. Everything from “Every Mile Mattered” about the past year of travel to “Slow Down” about babies growing up too fast, to one of my new favorites , “Dear me”, which beautifully sings about a letter written to the self during hard times. This song resonates with me deeply because I’m creating a book series that is interactive and has the reader write letters to herself and others as part of a process for self therapy. I’ve found the processes I’m sharing incredibly transformational and want to bring their healing power to anyone else in need of self love and encouragement.

Dear me, this is a letter to the girl I used to be, dear me, there are some things that you should know. It’s not my intention to embarrass or to shame you, what’s inside the rear view mirror is closer than it appears… we do the best that we know how with what we have been given, and the difference between you and I is I’ve been given time.. in time, you’ll see….

… And there is nothing you could do to separate you from the love of God who made you just exactly as He meant to, and you cannot imagine all the places you’ll see Jesus, but you’ll find him everywhere you thought he wasn’t supposed to go, so go-

…. And love, love, love, love, like it’s your own blood…. as you have been loved…” – Nichole Nordeman

I encourage you, to listen to ALL your favorite songs in a new light. Listen as though they are love songs from the Universe to You. Every one, a special dedication to You. Yes, some songs will have snarky meanings … your higher is as sassy as mine I’m sure. 🙂 Listen for the messages, the nudges, the subtle hints and warnings. It’s all around us everywhere. More of us are awakening to the divinity in everything. It’s no use to be woke if appreciation and wonder aren’t allowed into your experience as often as possible.

Life is a beautiful musical. Belt out a chorus or two to the God in the mirror. Let the love in a song sent from the universe lighten your heart.


And love, love, love, love, as you have been loved. ❤️

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